Tuesday, November 5, 2013

David Sylvian - Truth and Passion through his Red Guitar

There is a vast and endless ocean of musical artist, past and present. I wish there were more hours in the day to discover countless corners of the music-world that haven't been - and never will be - illuminated by popular media. I wish those artists out there who actually posses and have stayed true to their artistic vision were given the attention they so rightly deserve. Musical visionaries who scorn the pursuit of chart topping hits created solely to fill football stadiums full of mindless sheep.

Through the lens of their history, their pain, their desires, they weave strings of poetry into a landscape of notes, birthing songs of passion and of universal truths. They don't look for a cookie cutter they can fit themselves into. They care only for the Muse whispering into their minds. And we the audience are gifted with the offerings that culminate from the union of the Muse and the Artist.

One such unsung hero is the musical magician David Sylvian. My wonderful husband (who actually shares his forename) has opened my eyes to many new musical gems and Sylvian is one I will always be grateful for. He might not be filling football stadiums with masses of mindless sheep but he certainly communes with his Muse and has provided many songs of passion and truth.

My blog post here is a drop in a galaxy sized bucket but if I can open at least a few of my fellow earthlings' eyes and ears to David's amazing and inspiring music then I will consider my time worthwhile spent - despite it being past my 'bed-time'. When the Muse calls she mustn't be ignored!

Here are just a few samples of the master and his creations.



Forbidden Colors (a joint creation with Ryuichi Sakamoto - another musical wizard)

And finally my personal favorite, Red Guitar. Never fails to make me smile.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Adopt - A - Bat

A couple years ago on a chilly October night my Adopt -A- Bat idea came to life. These little guys had so much personality and were cute as a button. Needless to say, they all found good homes...that is except for one very special bat I named Herman Le Bat. I just couldn't bare to part with him.

Herman is happiest when he's perched on his Sleepy Hallow Tree or curled up on my hand.


He can also hang from a shirt or vest with his handy, locking pin-back. It can also double is a rapier when Herman fancies a good fencing duel.

Rumor has it there is a whole new colony of Herman's cousins flying our way soon! Stay tuned for news on their arrival. Same bat time, same bat channel!

Herman would like to thank our resident photographic guru David for making him look like a superstar...and he bids you all a nice nighty-night.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Little Red Riding Hood - Halloween Costume

Playing dress-up with my Mom's scarves, hats, costume jewelry and wigs was one of my favorite things to do as a child. Wearing an old dress, vintage shoes and a long strand of plastic beads was a doorway to another world where I could be a different person. My active imagination came in handy and always served me well as an only child.

Some childhood pursuits we eventually grow out of. My passion for costumes and make believe is not one that I grew out of. It clung on like a barnacle and started to evolve. I went from draping a pink blanket around my neck so I could be Princess for the day to constructing my own cape. With fabric, thread plus my trusty 1960's Singer sewing machine I can be a Princess or Little Red Riding Hood.

Empire waist dress with side-slit, hooded cape and werewolf corset all handmade by yours truly.

My werewolf. His name is Sky and he protects his Red Riding Hood from all the dangers in the forest.

If you have a dream costume that your inner-child has been wanting please do share. Perhaps my Singer can bring back the magic of make-believe for you as well.

I hope - like me - you all stay forever young-at-heart.

Happy Howling everyone!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I deliberated quite a while over what my first post should be about. It occurred to me that regardless of the content, it needed to be Halloween in nature. And so it shall it be.

I love this time of year. The unrelenting beast of summer with it's scorching claws of heat is once again tamed and forced back into it's cage by the sweet and soothing spirit of fall. The flames from above, that nearly consume us, morph into the brilliant colors of autumn leaves overhead.

It's a time for carving Jack O' Lanterns...

...pulling out the skeletons hiding in your closet...

...telling spooky ghost stories...

 ...and watching 1970's British Hammer Horror movies.

As a child it was of course thrilling to dress up in a Halloween costume. I had some costumes that were simple and some that were more elaborate. But regardless of the outfit I donned you can bet I was ALWAYS in character. Pretending to be someone else was a powerful and freeing sensation and probably led to my love of stage acting. I keep telling myself I might one day return to the theater. But in the mean time I certainly have enough to keep me busy which is a perfect segue to my next post which will be another Halloween offering with a hand-made flare to it.

Stay tuned!